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raja ampat

Raja Ampat - "The last paradise" as it is called, is located in eastern Indonesia and consists of over 1800 islands. Raja Ampat offers a unique natural spectacle not only for divers, but also for backpackers and South Sea lovers. Anyone who has already seen photos and documentation about the Paradise Archipelago will certainly start dreaming and wondering how do I get there? What will the trip cost me? What time of year should I travel? Which spots should I have seen?
We would like to answer all these questions for you in a small compact insight to prepare you a little better for your trip to the beautiful South Seas.

How to get to Raja Ampat?

Anyone who has already found out about the location of the archipelago on a map will see that the journey will not be the shortest. You will find out later in our summary whether the long journey is worth it.

We left Germany for Raja Ampat at the end of July 2022. From Frankfurt via Doha and Jakarta we finally reached Sorong after a 28-hour flight. A small airport in the tropical coastal city of Papua Barat province which forms the gateway to Raja Ampat. So if you want to go to Raja Ampat, you can't avoid Sorong. Since Sorong doesn't have much to offer other than a busy market without a lot of tourists, we recommend not staying in town for long after arriving at the airport. It takes 10 minutes by taxi to Sorong Port, which costs around 100,000 Rp. From there, the ferry leaves every day at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. for Wasai and takes about 2 hours. Wasai is the last town in Raja Ampat before heading to the many islands by a small boat. All the tour providers and homestay landlords are already waiting at the port to take you to your booked accommodation. Depending on which island your homestay is on, you will then drive another 10-40 minutes with a small boat.


So if we add everything together, we were on the road for a total of 35 hours until we finally arrived at our homestay. Depending on where you come from, of course, the travel time varies.

By the way, if you want to combine a Raja Ampat trip with Bali, you will find flights that take between 5-10 hours with a change.

  • Frankfurt

  • Doha

  • Jakarta

  • Sorong

  • Wasai

  • Raja Ampat

Total: 35 hours of travel

What are the costs?


A trip to Raja Ampat is not cheap compared to Bali or Lombok. The flight prices to Sorong alone are a lot higher. If you want to travel to Raja Ampat, you should find out more about tours in advance. Most tours that are not necessarily designed for scuba diving take you to the most beautiful spots in Raja Amapt and include the boat trips, overnight stays in homestays, meals and snorkeling equipment. Depending on how much time you have planned for Raja Ampat, there are different tours that usually last between 4 days and 2 weeks. Prices vary greatly, starting at around €400 for 4 days and going up to €5000 for 2 weeks. Whereby you can explore Raja Ampat on the sailing boat in the 3000-5000 € range.

On the cheaper tours you stay in homestays that are quite simple. Sleeping in a tent on the beach is often not uncommon. The food you get on site is mostly fresh fish with rice and local fruits and vegetables. So original Indonesian cuisine.

General costs you have to reckon with with a Raja Ampat:

Flight 1300 €
30 Day Visa Indonesia 35 €
Taxi from Airport to the Harbor (Rp 100,000) €7
Ferry Sorong – Wasai (Rp 200,000) €13
Entrance Raja Ampat (Rp 300,000) 20€
7 day tour around 1000 €

Total: €2375

When should I travel to Raja Ampat?

The best time to travel to Raja Ampat is between September and April. April through September is the windy season so the water can often be rough. In addition, some islands such as Sajang cannot always be approached due to the rough sea. Although we were in Raja Ampat for two weeks in August, we were lucky with the weather. Only on two days did it wind a little more, which would have made a boat trip more difficult for us.

Which spots should I have seen?


With its 1800 islands, Raja Ampat is a unique sight above and below the water. No matter where you go in Raja Ampat, it always looks like a freshly discovered and, above all, natural South Seas paradise. All too often you put yourself in Robinson Crusoe when you drive past one of the countless small deserted beaches. No matter where the eye falls, there is always a new fascinating and fantastically beautiful backdrop and animal world.
Most providers have included the most famous spots in their tours. A classic tour would look like this.














Throughout the tour you will constantly encounter incredible underwater spectacles and natural spectacles. See dolphins, rays and bird species which can only be found in this region of the world.
If you still have time for this archipelago and want to relax a bit, you should definitely stay 2-5 days in a homestay to fully enjoy Raja Ampat. You can also hire a private skipper per day for around €100, who will also take you to smaller beaches and diving spots. But you can easily book them on site.

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