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Does Domemare ship worldwide?
Yes, of course, no way is too far for us.


How long does delivery take?
Germany: 3-5 working days
Europe: 3-10 working days
Rest of the world: 3-10 working days

Who pays the customs costs?
If your delivery address is within the EU, there are no customs costs. If your delivery address is outside the EU, you have to pay customs fees by yourself.

Does my smartphone fit in the domemare?
We have developed Domemare so that all smartphone models are compatible. For example, fits the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is one of the largest smartphones currently on the market with the dimensions 164.8 x 77.2 x 8.1 mm.

My smartphone display reacts strangely via the touch membrane and sometimes breaks off the recordings.
This actually happens the best and is very easy to solve. All you have to do is thoroughly clean the inside of the touch membrane and your smartphone display. Even small drops of water or impurities can cause your smartphone to become independent every now and then.

My dome glass is scratched or broken. Can i exchange it?
Yes, you can find a replacement dome glass in our online shop. To do this, simply remove the damaged glass and put in the new one. Make sure that the sealing ring is properly seated and that all screws are properly tightened. It is best to test your dome for water resistance before your next dive.

My dome is fogging up on the inside. Can I do something about it?
As long as no moisture gets into the housing, your dome cannot fog up. However, if moisture gets inside you should let the housing dry with the flap open, protected from wind and dust, before going into the water again.

What is the best way to clean my dome glass?
The safest way to clean the outside of your dome glass is to carefully rub the dish soap on the surface and then rinse it off with clean water. If you don't have dish soap to hand, you can also use a cloth. However, not every cloth is suitable for cleaning, as microfiber cloths, for example, can cause fine scratches.
If you want to clean the inside of the dome, you can use a hair dryer for dust or small particles. For other dirt, you can also try to remove impurities with a dry cloth.

My smartphone display does not react to my touch underwater.
That's true and technically not yet possible. The display of your smartphone reacts via the electrical conduction of your fingers and not, as many assume, via pressure. This electrical conduction between finger and display cannot take place under water. Therefore, you have to set all the settings you need for your recordings above water. You can set the three or ten second timer for taking photos. Trigger this over water and then submerge your Domemare under water. The perfect timing with your photo partner is therefore essential. But that's only half as difficult and after one or two attempts you should get very cool pictures.

How do I avoid water droplets on my dome glass?
There are various ways of doing this. A household trick to achieve the lotus effect is to rub the outside of the dome with a sliced potato, let it soak in briefly and then wash it off with water. There are also special sprays that let water droplets roll off your dome.

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