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In this blog we would like to convince you of the beautiful country of Jordan. In addition to the fabulous desert landscapes around Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea, Jordan offers a paradise for divers and snorkelers. So if you are planning a road trip through Jordan, you should definitely plan a stop in Aqaba on the Red Sea to discover the coral reefs and various wrecks.


Our road trip led from the capital Amman past the Dead Sea down to Aqaba on the border with Israel and Saudi Arabia. At the Dead Sea, which is the deepest place on earth, we only made a short swim stop to let ourselves drift a bit in the salty water. Although the turquoise blue water with the white salt stones looks very inviting for diving, it is expressly pointed out that the head must always remain above the water surface when bathing, as the danger of choking on the salty water is very high. But as the name of the sea already suggests, there is not much to see under water because there are no living beings to be found in the Dead Sea.



If you want to dive or snorkel in Aqaba, you have to drive about 15 minutes further south. From Aqaba itself, only the snorkeling tours leave with their boats. However, we recommend you to discover the wrecks and coral reefs without a boat tour, as you have so much more time and are not in the water with 30 other tourists. If you still feel unsafe alone in the water, you can also book a snorkel guide directly on the beach.


In the following map you can see all the beautiful diving spots and swim there relaxed from the beach. If you're just there for snorkeling, diving down to the plane wreck or the big shipwreck will be a bit difficult, but even from above the wrecks look unique and mystical. Because the tank is only 5 meters deep, it is also very accessible for snorkelers and with the surrounding white sandy bottom and clear water it is also the perfect photo spot for underwater photographers. In addition to numerous wrecks that were sunk there especially for divers, you will find all kinds of colorful fish between the corals.


Even if the beaches are not the most beautiful and unfortunately also a bit littered, you can lose yourself in the fabulous underwater world and discover something new every few meters. Jordan was worth a trip thanks to the underwater world and the unique landscapes and we can only recommend everyone to visit this country.

If you would like to have more insights into the underwater world of Jordan, you are welcome to browse through our reels on Instagram.

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